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We can all agree that most consumers in the world use Google as their search engine, right? Do you think your customers use Google to find you?

An estimated 3.5 billion searches are generated through Google search engine daily. That is 78% of all searches done worldwide. How can we use this to our advantage? Let us tell you.

We offer 360 degree Virtual Tours of your establishment. This tour is available on your Google listing and Google maps. We can also make it available on your company Facebook and Website for an additional charge.

AdVantage Mobile Media is trusted for hire through Google in Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas, Texas, as well as nationwide. As a Google trusted agency, we will take 360 degree panoramic photos of your business and connect them for a seamless tour.

Do you believe it is easier to sell your product once a customer is in the store? According to Google, potential buyers are 70% more likely to visit your establishment if they have taken your virtual online tour. They can take the tour from home, work or in the car.

This isn’t the only AdVantage to this product!!! Adding a Google virtual tour can increase your consumer base and may even increase your presence within the search results. Customers don’t need to look for this tour either. It becomes available through a Google search- whether searching directly by your business name or indirectly by your genre of business.

Only Google trusted photographers can take these photos and connect virtual tours to Google and Google maps. So call us today and see how we can help your business GROW!!

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